Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Please take the time to go back as I Posted a GREAT recipe on June 4.(By mistake it was supposed to be all the same week??? But there you go!!!)

So for the rest of that week.

June 5

Chicken with dijonnaise & Avo (Lou's  version)

Chicken fillets (Skinned) to how many you are having
coat with dijonnaise and brown.

Fry off 1 onion and clove of garlic.

If you have left over white sauce or belchamel use this or make new. (These sauce's freeze really well but also keep for a week in the Fridge. DON'T THROUGH AWAY THAT LITTLE BIT!)

Place chicken in baking dish with onion & garlic & top with sauce. Place in oven until chicken is almost cooked then place sliced Avocado & a bit of grated cheese (Of your choice) on top. YUM YUM YUM

June 6

Stir fry

Not a good one I won't give recipe

June 7

O.K. Another family fave.


O.K. This is a rough estimate

2 Bulbs of  Fennel
1 Large onion
2 starchy spuds cut into quarters
4 cups of Chicken Stock
250g of Philli cheese
a very good squeeze of lemon
also a very GOOD shake of pepper and salt to taste

Saute fennel and onion in butter (or marg)with lid on pot for a good 10-15 min BUT DON'T let it brown. Stir occasionally. later)Then add Chicken stock ( I Will give you my home made recipe for this later) and simmer for 1/2 hour or until spud are very well cooked. Place in blender with cream cheese, lemon and salt & pepper to taste.
I serve this with Parmesan bread.

June 8

I Can Not remember????

June 9

Brought roast Chicken with home vegies (Quick drive to Wangaratta to see my dad in haspital)

June 10

Roast pork with pear & fennell puree and cider gravy

Pear puree

Searve 2

2 Pears
doullop of butter or marg
1/2 teasp fennel seeds
Cider 1/3 cup (Of your choice)

Cider Gravy
plain flour
chicken stock

Do pork as you would (We all do this different) with what ever vegies

Pear puree can be done when ever & frezzed.
Peel & quarter pears
Melt butter & add fennel seed sautee for a min or two then add pears & cider. Cook until pears are tender. Either put through blender or mash.

Do I Need to do the gravy?

Just add Cider instead of Stock.

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