Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Completly out of date

OK so here we go

I will start by saying that in the back ground,for me, playing is Jewel that is quite distracting but most beautiful at the same time.
Back to cooking?

May 28th
Risotto with Asparagus, chicken and avocado
(OK! you all know how to do this! If not you know how to get in contact. Simply ask!)

May 29th
Home made veggie soup
No, this is not Cinta soup!!!!!( You may hear more of this at a later date?)
Much better. Think of all the leftovers in a pot cook with whatever stock. Sourdough bread and your are there!

May 30th
Steak with scallop potatoes (YUM)

May 31st
Spag bol made with pork and veal mince( I had not made this before, I had always used beef mince?) Still GREAT

OMG We are almost through half the year!

June 1st

Crumbed lamb cutlets

June 2nd
Pork Spare ribs Marinated in Hoysin sauce. ( Also a family favourite)
Trim ribs coat in Hoysin sauce.
PLEASE COAT HEAVY BASED FRY PAN WITH OIL AND THEN PLACE ON HI OR DO ON THE BBQ..(If you do this inside please make sure that you do this on HI but arfter cooking soak pan in Bi Carb soda & Vinigar.)

June 3
Pir Pir Chicken YUM YUM YUM

When I re find this recipe I will give it to you

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