Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Bit about me!

Re- reading last nights blog has now made me quite anxious about what I have under taken. So many people have asked WHY I'm doing this? WHY NOT!

Not that I feel I have to answer this question but maybe I will try anyway.

Family and close friends have always been, and always will be my first priority. So, for me, when ever I catch up with anyone, whether it be Parents,Friends, Children, Siblings etc whoever, it is always over a meal. This may be only once a year in some cases, Christmas for example, it may also mean going to a cafe, Pub or restaurant, no matter, food represents warmth, laughter and happy memories for me.

As one friend said I may get an offer from Weight Watchers after this year is out but I think the big dollars has already been taken by someone else.(I hope that I am allowed to write that? My apologies to all if not. I am still learning!)

Getting back on the subject, we all need to eat so lets make the most of it. Make it fun! Cooking is not for everyone nor is gardening but as my partner and I like to do both, why not share from our new and upgrowing (is that a word? It is now) garden to the kitchen table.

Lots of Luv


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