Monday, 9 July 2012

The one armed challenge?????

So here we go.
My partner has had to have an operation on his arm. Fine. Left Arm. Fine. He is a south paw!!!! (For those that don't know what a south paw is, LEFT HANDED)
Great! So New kitchen, Family, and now one handed bandits x 2. Yes my dad has had full on shoulder surgery as well, and they are coming to visit?
The menu.

June 25

Risotto with chariza & Chillie

This was GREAT
All I did was fry off a bit of onion, garlic and chillie (to your liking) Add sliced Chariza until browned. Add risotto, a bit of thyme and chicken stock a bit at a time, stirring. Serve when risotto is to your liking.

June 26

Old fashioned Roast lamb

Well this is what it is no fancy stuff.

You all know how to do this.

If not just ask.

June 27

Sheppard's pie

Well you must have known this was coming?

Cook the amont of spuds that you think need to be mashed.
i.e.  4 spuds for 3 people.

Finely chop 1 onoin

Mince roast lamb. Add what ever left over vegies. Add home made tom sauce and gravy. Add a very good splash of worshtershire sauce. If dry and it probably will be, add either water or whatever?

But again I use the secret Tomatoe sauce in a Gin bottle!!!!!!

I Suggest we all use our Grans recipe for this but again if you want the recipe I will post it for you.

June 28

Lou's Pumkin Soup

(Family Fav)

1 butternut pumkin
1 large onion diced
1 peeled spud diced
1 ltre chicken stock
1 tblspn butter
1 tsp cummin
1tsp corriander
1 tsp tummeric
1/2 tsp curry powder

Melt butter. Lightly fry onoin then add spices. Cook until fragrent. add spuds and pumkin. Add Chicken stock. Cook until all vegies are soft. Either mash or blend to consitsty that you like, Serve with a bit of cream and parsley.

June 29

Greek meatballs

This is all about leftovers.

The Lamb roast that we had at the start of the week? Sheppards pie was one way.

This is another

Mince Lamb
add a very good hand full of chopped mint. 1 beaten egg. Hand full of fresh bread crumbs and combine well add salt & pepper to taste.

Roll balls to small palm size balls.( If balls don't come together because of cooked lamb beat and add another egg bit by bit) Heat in oven for 30 min. Serve any way you want. I did this as a finger food with tzatziki, and Skordalia.

June 30

Porterhouse with Skordalia

Ok. So I mention this in the last recipe. This can be used as a dip or a side dish (or a topping which you will see soon!) Although this is the Greek version it also has Irish connection's (Again you will see later on????)

Makes 2 cups

500g floury spuds
5 gloves of garlics, crushed
white pepper to taste
3/4 olive oil
2 tablespoons white vinegar ( I used white wine vinegar for a more sutler flavour)

Cook spuds until very soft. Drain and mast until smooth. Stir through garlic, a pinch of salt & pepper then gradually add oilive oil mixing the whole time. Stir in vinegar and season to taste. ( I also added a bit of sour cream only to use it up)

This was great with steak another way to use leftovers?

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